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    Patch Update Dragonlaire 1.1


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    Patch Update Dragonlaire 1.1 Empty Patch Update Dragonlaire 1.1

    Post  Huntermeign on Tue May 08, 2012 9:30 pm

    Today we had an extensive maintenance patch. Sadly despite the amount of time we put into it the results were not as we hoped and will be moving some content to next week. Reason being is me and Ant were figuring out a little plugin that we had some trouble with in the past. Here are the patch notes for what we did get done.

    +Every Wednesday will now be a maintenance day.
    +Milk has a bit o' ale in it now.
    +Pig Zombies are set from neutral to hostile.
    +All shops in Kingdoms are now Admin Shops.
    +Pet Shops are now 100% fully automated

    -Towny has been removed (Making way for new town plugin)
    +Town Mayors have been refunded
    -Showcase has been removed (Outdated Plugin)

    -All Carpet spells have been removed
    -All Teach spells have been removed


    + Rules have been reenforced and explained here.

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