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    The Rules explained Empty The Rules explained

    Post  Huntermeign on Wed May 09, 2012 3:55 pm

    There are several areas throughout the Dragonlaire multiverse that can be viewed as far as the rules go, but if ever there is a question than THIS list is the one you look at.

    Server Rules

    1. OOC is for out of game chat only. Do not abuse. Repeated offense can result in ban from the channel

    This is a RP server and meta-gaming is simply not allowed. If you don't want to RP fine by us, but don't meta game or you will be muted or even banned from OOC. Normal RP defines Meta-Gaming as using information in a Non-RP in your RP endeavors. I find this to be complete bologna because once you find the information in a Non-RP environment then you subconsciously try to find it in the RP environment. This leads to arguing amongst players about meta-gaming. To simplify it we define meta-gaming as saying anything server related is not allowed. The exception to this rule is using OOC as a Looking for Group system. Either for dungeons or trade. Detailed information must still be used in an RP sense. You are also allowed to talk about server events, such as Festivals the day of the event.

    2. No Vulgarity towards another person in OOC. (this can result in a ban from the channel)

    This is a mature server and as such swearing is allowed. However using vulgarity toward another player. That can result in a mute or ban if consistent.

    3. No Griefing Ever. (This excludes minor griefing for RP purposes)

    Minecraft is a game about creativity and as such griefing is a normal rule amongst servers. We allow minor griefing for RP purposes such as breaking down a door or through a window. Anything other than this can be defined as griefing. i.e. See a diamond block in a chest, you can steal it. See it as part of a wall, you cannot.

    4. Admin's words are final.

    The admins tend to the server as well as own all the data of the server. Though the rules are in place as guidelines we ultimately decide the fate of the server and the players that play on it. That being said we can ban without notice if we feel a player is simply not suited for the server or break our own rules for any reason. This is universal to all servers whether mentioned or not. One final note, if you ask an admin for something and they say no this does not mean ask another. If it is found out you did this then the previous annotation will be in effect again as well as a punishment that seems fit.

    5. Do not ask items from Staff ever. (this includes death by glitch compensation)

    Minecraft is a game of modification and unless playing vanilla there will be bugs (and even then there are some bugs). These bugs can cause death but we cannot fix these so you are taking the risk yourself by using the server in all it's bugness.

    6. Do not threaten to do anything to damage the server. This will result in immediate ban.

    Threatening to grief, hack, DOS/DDOS, or anything that can harm the server is simply not allowed and will result in an immediate ban to prevent such from happening.

    7. Don't build unrealistic things. This is an RP server.

    Self explanatory. As mentioned with 4 we can remove these constructs without warning.

    8. Use /helpop for Help. Not OOC. (Abusing OOC or Help can result in ban from the channel)

    To prevent meta-gaming the /helpop command can be used to ask game details to admins only. Make use of this. If we consider a question to be an eluded form of meta-gaming you can still be muted in OOC.

    9. No modified clients or texture packs that enhances game-play. (x-ray, speed hack)

    Self explanatory but the question of some mods do come up. The exception to this rule is a mini map mod that only has a satellite view and FPS enhancement mods such as optifine.

    10. No advertising. This includes posting the ip address of other servers. This includes chat or courier.

    Self explanatory

    11. Blocky houses will be removed without notice.

    pretty obvious but some people don't get it. Any questions then see rule 7.

    12. No racism ever.

    Swastikas, the N word, or anything in that nature as well as saying a stereotype towards another person in a non joking manner is not allowed. The exception to this rule is, obviously, RP races

    13. Do not exploit.

    Exploiting is finding a bug in the game that can benefit you or using a function in the game for purposes other than what it was intended for. Finding a bug that we CAN fix and not reporting it, and instead benefiting from is is the same as breaking rule 9.

    PvP Rules

    1. All PvP must have RP purpose.

    This is an RP server. In all three kingdoms murder is to be considered a major crime, therefore Killing will be dealt with in a RP fashion. Any non RP killing can result in a ban until appeal.

    2. When a player dies for his crimes then all RP value is lost to kill again. (See rule 1)

    In other words, once you kill someone, unless he commits another crime that merits deaths he cannot be killed again. If he chooses he can report Non-RP killing or you become the murderer which is punishable by death.

    3. A petty crime does not merit a death penalty.

    Theft does not = death. Grief = ban so don't get revenge. Jaywalking in your town even if he is an enemy (unless you are at war with this town) does not mean you can go Terminator on him. Simply stated, unless this person has the death penalty on him or a bounty that has not been atoned for you cannot kill this person.

    4. Spawn or DT Nest camping is not allowed.

    Don't be that guy... seriously

    5. Clans may only go to war with an opposing faction.

    Two towns of the same kingdom cannot fight each other. You are part of the same kingdom for a reason.

    6. Clans anti-up their allegiance when going to war.

    Make sure you are sure you are willing to risk this when you fight or you might be saying hi to a new king because you felt the price of milk was to high.

    7. Wars are a week long. Admins determine win or loss in wars.

    Self explanatory

    8. Battles must be fought out of towns.

    After the desecration of the land from King Varius it was decreed that battles will be fought away from towns and contained areas as to prevent further damage to the new land of Dragonlaire

    9. Kings must agree to the clan war.

    Diplomacy before all else. War is only a last resort. Not to mention a war must be known so we can judge the victor porperlly

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