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    Dragonlaire: 100th Year Festival!


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    Dragonlaire: 100th Year Festival! Empty Dragonlaire: 100th Year Festival!

    Post  Anthonypelle on Sun Apr 08, 2012 11:11 am

    Wow! 100 years have gone by since King Varius first found this land.
    In honor of this milestone, The Kingdoms of Dragonlaire will be hosting a festival. Dragontravels have been set up going to the "Fair-Ground".
    Boths have been set up for players to make games and shops. In the middle of the grounds you'll notice a large arena. In this arena players will fight mobs endlessly until One player remains. This player will be rewarded Generously!
    The first Mob fight will be announced after the Battle on Wednesday at 6PM Eastern Time.

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